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Can Translation Services Industry Survive ChatGPT?

Can Translation Services Industry Survive ChatGPT

We’ve been hearing this in a variety of contexts, most notably in movies and television series where AI can override human restrictions and act independently to ‘save’ humanity. Well, guess what? The age of artificial intelligence has arrived. Surprise! Can…

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We provide translation services for 150+ languages with our 20,000+ human translators. At EPIC Translations, we think outstanding customer service and high-caliber translations come from efficient procedures that enable our clients to operate globally with ease. We routinely deliver projects…

Role of Healthcare Translation Services in Eliminating Healthcare Disparities

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What role can healthcare translation services play in eliminating healthcare disparities for low income and under/uninsured individuals/families? It is no exaggeration that almost everyone wants to eliminate healthcare disparities for the low income and under This topic has been addressed…

EPIC Translations is for Marketing Managers Who Need to Communicate Accurately in Multiple Languages

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Marketing Managers for global brands must be able to effectively communicate with all stakeholders in multiple languages. For example, if your company sells in South America, then at a minimum, English to Spanish translation of your user guides, product manuals,…

EPIC Translations and the University of Michigan School of Medicine Collaborate to Translate Medical Research Survey Into 22 languages

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EPIC Translations is proud to announce the University of Michigan – School of Medicine has chosen EPIC Translations to translate their medical research surveys and other healthcare documents into more than 20 languages. Maria