Mostansar Virk

Mostansar Virk

Co-founder & CEO of EPIC Translations. Tennis player. Student of history. Award winning entrepreneur. Designated member of East Michigan District Export Council where I actively participate in assisting small and mid-sized enterprises to export products / services to foreign countries to increase global market share and to make Michigan a better place to live.

Italian Translations For Your Company

Some of the most recognized global brands sell emotions, not products. EPIC Translations enables emotional and psychological connection with Italian customers, business partners, and employees so you can conduct business in Italy with ease. Tesla sells status, not cars. Nike sells…

Can Translation Services Industry Survive ChatGPT?

Can Translation Services Industry Survive ChatGPT

We’ve been hearing this in a variety of contexts, most notably in movies and television series where AI can override human restrictions and act independently to ‘save’ humanity. Well, guess what? The age of artificial intelligence has arrived. Surprise! Can…

Role of Healthcare Translation Services in Eliminating Healthcare Disparities

healthcare translation services

What role can healthcare translation services play in eliminating healthcare disparities for low income and under/uninsured individuals/families? It is no exaggeration that almost everyone wants to eliminate healthcare disparities for the low income and under This topic has been addressed…