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The breadth and depth of our local and dialectical expertise are on full display in the Chinese-speaking market! All of our Chinese to English Translation experts are experienced across industries and market segments, providing the highest level of translation quality.

Expanding your brand into the Taiwanese market? With our traditional character capabilities and local expertise, we’ve got you covered!

With more than 2500 Chinese linguists—experts across industry sectors, dialects, and cultures—EPIC Translations will be your language gateway to the Chinese-speaking world.

While you focus on expanding your Chinese market share, we’ve got your Chinese to English Translation needs covered:

  1. Product Manuals
  2. Engineering Documents
  3. Technical Specs
  4. Website Copy
  5. Medical Documents
  6. Legal Contracts
  7. User Guides
  8. Production Designs
  9. Marketing Collateral
  10. …And More!

Translate English to Chinese EPIC Translations


At EPIC Translations, we guarantee the quality, timely, and production-ready Chinese to English Translation copies. But our translation services aren’t just accurate—they’re flawless.

There are significant cultural distinctions between a Chinese and an American corporation. Our Chinese to English Translation services are not only conversant with the intricacies of another language, but also with corporate culture.

For any audience-facing document, we utilize a translation-edit-proofread (TEP) workflow:

Translation workflow ISO 17100:2015 by EPIC Translations

This Software Translation workflow ISO 17100:2015 by EPIC Translations

Following an initial translation by a vetted, experienced translator, and then each translation undergoes three full rounds of editing, review, and proofreading to ensure the highest quality. Apart from Chinese, we also translate English to Arabic, translate English to French, translate German to English and translate English to Italian.

Localized translations can be provided by our professional Chinese to English Translation firm. In addition, as cultural ambassadors, we will be able to prevent you from accidentally insulting people of other cultures. Our team of translators presents technical or complex topics in their own specialist vocabulary in a clear and concise manner. Other than Chinese translation, we also offer Japanese to English Translation Services!

Got a document for internal consumption? Our machine-translation-post-edit (MTPE) workflow is used for more informal content. 

Translation quality standards adopted by EPIC Translations are based on ISO 17100:2015. We familiarize ourselves with your company’s preferences for terminology, style, and tone to ensure consistency and alignment with your global brand, guaranteed.

And, because we believe it’s our duty to guarantee our expert services at a reasonable price, we’re constantly working to tweak and improve our quality control workflows.


Whether you’ve got a product catalog, engineering manual, or looking for a legal document translation service, EPIC Translations is here to support your translation needs.

Need a quote for Chinese to English Translation? Ready for an upgrade? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch shortly. Or, give us a call at +1 (734) 786-8293. 

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