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EPIC Translations Sponsors U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

In an attempt to save lives and fight poverty, EPIC Translations is pleased to sponsor the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce® (USWCC) in identifying and assisting women-owned small companies interested in international development through their WOSB Pathway to Federal Contracting event.

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EPIC Translations is for Marketing Managers Who Need to Communicate Accurately in Multiple Languages

Marketing Managers for global brands must be able to effectively communicate with all stakeholders in multiple languages. For example, if your company sells in South America, then at a minimum, English to Spanish translation of your user guides, product manuals, and website copy are essential.

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Should You Optimize Your Translated Product Manual for Search Engines?

This is your definitive guide to the single most important question if you manage your company’s document translation needs: Should you optimize your translated product manuals for search engines?

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Why Do Global Brands Hire EPIC Translations for Professional Document Translation Service

Global brands partner with EPIC Translations for professional document translation services to connect with global stakeholders in their native language(s). Recently, we asked a few of our clients how working with EPIC Translations has helped their business.

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Website Localization: Socket Mobile

Socket Mobile is a publicly traded company that reached out to EPIC Translations to localize their website for their China market objectives. Read this case study to see what tactics EPIC Translations deployed to make sure that Socket Mobile can outshine their competitors in China.

As companies seek to increase their global market share and find success in different parts of the world, it becomes vital that your customer facing documentation are able to communicate effectively in a variety of languages.

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