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Company Newsletter – Translation & Design

case study for translation services

One of our clients publishes a quarterly newsletter for 10 countries and 10 languages to effectively communicate financial updates, management updates, company news, vision, and values to ensure global workforce is on the same page. They partnered with EPIC Translations to successfully translate the newsletter plus its design for global distribution. Read More

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Newsletter Translation & Design – Case Study

Maxcess International needs to provide quarterly updates to employees in 10 countries (and 10 different languages) to effectively communicate financial updates, management updates, company news, Covid-19 safety protocol, and company vision & values. Each newsletter is about 8 pages long and between 2,000-2,500 words. Maxcess International partnered with EPIC Translations to successfully manage the newsletter translation plus design for timely distribution.
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Computer-Aided Real-Time Transcription (CART)

Computer-Aided Real-Time Transcription (CART)

With the aid of a stenotype machine, a laptop computer, and real-time software, computer-aided real-time transcription, or CART, instantly converts spoken words into English text. The text generated by the CART service may be shown on a user’s computer screen, projected onto a screen, included as captions in a video presentation, or otherwise made accessible via various transmission and display technologies. We provide qualified CART transcriptionists to clients who need them – either on-site or remotely.

Case Study: University of Michigan – CART Service

Interpreting Equipment – Rental

Interpreting Equipment - Rental

Any size meeting or event. In any city or state. To ensure that your meeting is as effective as possible, we offer the best assortment of interpretation systems. We offer the ideal system for you, whether you need it for 3 or 2,000 users. Call our offices to make sure you rent the solution that precisely meets your demands and remove all uncertainty about the system that will perform best for your event. All solutions can be fully customized.

Case Study: Interpretation Equipment Rental for Domino’s Pizza

American Sign Language (ASL)

American Sign Language

Information is sent through the shape, positioning, and movement of the hands as well as facial emotions and body language. Like any spoken language, ASL is a language with its own specific rules of grammar and syntax. ASL is a living language that develops and changes with time, just like every other language. In several regions of Canada and the United States, ASL is widely utilized. Many high schools, colleges, and universities in the United States accept ASL as meeting the academic degree requirements for current and “foreign” languages.

Conference Interpretation

Conference Interpretation

With the help of skilled conference interpretation services, you can make your upcoming event a smashing success.

When you bring people from different languages and cultures together, effective communication is crucial to achieving your objectives. Our technical personnel, project managers, and interpreters have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to organizing and carrying out effective conference interpretation projects. We’ll assist you with overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers so that you can effectively convey your message.

Telephone Interpretation (OPI)

Telephone Interpretation (OPI)

Our live phone interpreters make it possible for people who don’t speak the same language—whether it’s Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Dari, Chinese, or Korean—to communicate. For situations requiring interpretation in a wide variety of languages and shorter assignments, telephonic interpreters are the best option. You can quickly schedule one of our 10,000 interpreters who speak more than 150 languages by using our over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services.

On-site Interpretations

On-site Interpretation

When and where you need professional on-site interpreting EPIC Translations provides the ideal interpreter for any situation when you require on-site interpretation services to help you communicate across boundaries or cultures.

EPIC Translations has been servicing global brands, hospitals, government institutions, law firms, nonprofits, and many more for almost 20 years.

We’ll pair you with a skilled on-site interpreter who is knowledgeable about your sector from our network of 10,000+ interpreters who are available in 150+ languages.

Case Study: On-Site Korean and English Interpretations for Domino’s Pizza

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