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Website Localization: Socket Mobile

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Socket Mobile is a publicly traded company that reached out to EPIC Translations to localize their website for their China market objectives. Read this case study to see how EPIC Translations made sure that Socket Mobile can outshine their competitors in China.

As companies seek to increase their global market share and find success in different parts of the world, it becomes vital that your customer facing documentation are able to communicate effectively in a variety of languages.

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Trade Routes & Role of Translation Services

As we all know, trade has been around for thousands of years. What you may not know is that from 10,000 to 5,000 B.C. cattle were the primary form of trade and currency because of their high value. They were able to procreate and eventually become useful as food and clothes. Translation services for trade came into existence  as different areas starting trading together.

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Localization of Your Website Leads to Greater Market Share

Localization of your website should be among the first projects you undertake as you start to expand your brand globally. Why? Because your localized website is often the first contact your global customers have with your company, it is critical that you are able to engage with them effectively on both a literal and contextual level in their own language via correctly localized website.

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