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Question For You

Will you ever make a purchase from a company that is attempting to communicate with you in Chinese? Also, French? maybe German? Maybe Spanish?

According to market studies, businesses who translate their website and product manuals into multiple languages increase sales by 60%. Global corporations like Emerson and Snap-on Business Services have hired EPIC Translations to translate their website copy into numerous languages.

By developing a translation memory (TM) for their business and industry jargon, we were able to assist them in lowering localization expenses.

Moreover, Emerson and Snap-on were successful in connecting with their worldwide audience and boosting their sales and profits there.

Do you have to communicate with your audience on a worldwide scale? You’ve come to the right place. We localize websites for some of the largest brands in the world.

Our Website localization services include:

  • Website copy translation
  • Color scheme to keep your brand intact
  • Navigation features to ensure seamless experience regardless of the language
  • Graphics to resonate with the target audience without walking away from your brand

In summary, our website localization services help you keep one step ahead of the competition and enhance multilingual interactions with your clients, team members, and business associates.

case study for translation services

Website Localization: Socket Mobile

“EPIC Translations was very helpful in advising us on the best way to utilize translated languages for our international websites. The translations were done accurately and on time in order to help us with our global market share.”

A translated website and document can increase a company’s reach while also enhancing its capacity for international business. Communications between the business and its potential clients can be more straightforward and accurate with the help of a dependable translation partner. All of EPIC Translations’ linguistic resources have the following qualities: the ability to work under pressure, the capacity to think critically, the flexibility to adapt to different work settings, and the demonstrated analytical abilities to comprehend the industry they are working in.

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Our website translation team is not just experienced with localizing website content, but we keep the importance of country-specific SEO guidelines in mind; especially as they relate to your industry. We support 150+ languages with our 20,000+ human translators. 

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