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Website localization services

Multinational companies can reach global markets without the high costs of brick-and-mortar stores. But when it comes to selling products and services in local markets, you will need to localize your website. This is the process of translating current website copy into a language suitable for the country you are targeting.

Market research proves that your customers are 60% more likely to buy your products and services if the website is presented in their native language. Don’t let your language proficiency – or lack thereof – stymie the growth and revenue of your organization.

Invest in your business’s future: revamp your website content with a linguistic expert who knows how to localize your website.

Website Localization is essential for any company to become an international brand today. The world of commerce is ever-changing. To be a well-recognized brand, you need to reach and engage each local market individually based on certain critical factors that are applicable to the country you’re targeting.

With literally millions of services and brands to be found online, it is international suicide to compete without some form of website localization.

Our Website Localization services include:

  • Website Copy
  • Color Scheme
  • Navigation Features
  • Graphics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly suggestions
  • Domain Name Registration & Hosting suggestions


website content translation

Many global brands today have customers in multiple countries and different languages. Their success in entering these markets has been, in part because of effectively localizing their website. 

We understand that localizing website copy is not merely turning one language’s words into a different language.

It’s just not that simple. Meanings and cultural cues may not be carried over through simple translation.

Failure to understand the various cultural idiosyncrasies , as well as cultural meanings, can lead to serious misinterpretations and hurt your brand image.

To help you avoid a public relations nightmare in new markets, our team of expert translators are dedicated to ensuring that your message meets cultural expectations.


website translation services

We provide our clients with contextually accurate website translation services. Our experienced linguistic team ensures that your message will flawlessly localize culturally and linguistically with your target audience.

Our website localization services can be tailored to fit your specific needs. These range from polishing your existing website copy to localizing your graphics/images to assessing color schemes that speak to the psychology of your target audience. 

EPIC translators will distinguish your website from others, a monumentally helpful service for your company and brand image in a highly competitive global market.


SEO Friendly Localization

SEO is critical when trying to rank high among the competitors in your target country. We will optimize your site with impactful SEO features, which include keyword/key-phrase optimization, readability, meta description, mobile friendliness, and graphic/image adjustments.

Our website localization service will ensure that the content on your website is 100% unique. After all,  search engines like Google are remarkably effective at recognizing duplicate content. Duplicate content and keyword stuffing makes your website practically impossible to rank among your competitors.

Website Localization is what distinguishes an ordinary website from an extraordinary site. We can offer you everything you will need to make your global brand a preferred one in the hearts and minds of the customer.


Idiomatic Translation


Our website translation team has years of experience working with website content, website localization and language translations.  Thanks to our project management system, EPS, you can manage the status of your website projects in real time. EPIC Translations makes it easy to grow your presence on the global web!

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