Translate English to French Documents with EPIC Translations

EPIC Translations offers high-quality French translation services, including localization, interpreting, technical, medical, and scientific translations. Many of the top global brands in the engineering/manufacturing, biomedical, pharmaceutical, energy, and education sectors translate English to French documents with us because of our specialization, focus, industry-leading quality management standards, and customer-focused approach.

The following are a few of the services EPIC Translations provides:

  1. Translation for product manuals & technical documents
  2. Localization of software and mobile apps
  3. SEO optimized website copy localization
  4. On-Demand Remote Interpreting 
  5. Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  6. Staffing for Multilingual Projects

Is My Sector Important in France?

According to the International Trade Administration sectors labeled as “best prospect industry sectors” offer the highest opportunity to succeed in France. These are:

  1. Software & Computer Services – Big data, IoT, Cloud computing, Cybersecurity solutions, Mobility, E-health / Tele-health, and more.
  2. Civil Aircraft & Parts Manufacturing – American businesses that manufacture new aircraft, engine types, or extremely sophisticated products continue to have the highest market possibilities in France. Any products or technologies that enable an aircraft to use less energy, such as lighter or more fully optimized onboard equipment, new light-weight materials, or more intelligent flight management systems, should succeed. Disruptive hydrogen or electric propulsion energy technologies applied to aircraft should also do well.
  3. Additive Manufacturing – All areas of the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry, including 3D printers, materials & consumables, on-demand manufacturing services, file storage, 3D software, and post-processing activities, are quite mature markets in France.
  4. Medical Devices – The most promising markets for medical equipment can be found in recently emerging industries including orthopedics, non-invasive surgery, and disposable medical equipment.
  5. Energy – With a target of 25.3% of France’s gross final energy consumption from renewable energy sources by 2022, the share of renewable energy in the nation’s energy mix is increasing. Other sub sectors with great demand include nuclear, LNG, smart grids, hydrogen, and wind power.
  6. Educational Services – Did you know that education is ranked as the 6th largest U.S. services export? 81% of French students perceive the U.S. to have a superior education system.
  7. Travel & Tourism – In terms of long-distance travel, France’s most preferred destination is the United States. 

If you operate in any of these sectors then rest assured the demand for your products and/or services is quite strong in France and you should consider translating your global documents from English to French to better connect with your French-speaking stakeholders.

What Documents Should My Company Translate to French?

French is the official language for 29 countries in the world. If you are exporting your products and/or services to any of these 29 countries, specifically France, then you should consider translating the following global content to French:

  1. Legal agreements
  2. Website copy localization
  3. Product manuals / User guides
  4. Marketing collateral
  5. HR policies / Employee handbooks
  6. Course material and/or enrollment forms

Who Translates Our Documents? 

EPIC Translations has a team of more than 20,000 seasoned translators from all around the world. In order to maintain the team’s professionalism, we carefully verify and qualify each human translator who will be working on your projects. Caliber of our translation team is maintained by the ongoing reviews and ratings in order to pursue a relentless pursuit of flawless translations.

Do You Work with Audio / Video Files?

Yes, we work with audio and video files quite regularly for the following workflows:

  1. Audio/Video to text transcription
  2. Translation of the text
  3. Insert captions in the video

The end result is a fully production ready video with multilingual captions/subtitles.

We also transcribe audio files quite regularly for health and legal sectors.

Do You Work with Json Files?

Yes, we have a select team of translators who work only with software and website localization projects. Therefore they are able to successfully work with json and other similar formats for translating and localizing your content into French.

How Do I Request A Quote?

Requesting a translation quote from EPIC Translations is quite simple. You can send your document(s) to or submit the simple quote form at You may also call us at 888-214-2053.

How Much Does Your French Translation Service Cost?

Our pricing model is based on tiers/options depending on how soon you’d like it back. Each tier/option has its own price and delivery deadline. Best way to assess our pricing is to request a free quote. We are confident that our pricing and delivery schedules are the best options available for global brands who would like to translate their global documents from English to French.

How Do You Guarantee French Translation Accuracy?

EPIC Translations prides itself on pursuing flawless translation quality for our clients. To that end, we hand pick a minimum of 2 to 3 human translators who are experienced in your sector. We then implement TEP (translation/edit/proofreading) workflow where the translators assigned to you will implement a proprietary translation workflow based on ISO 17100:2015 quality standard to deliver consumption ready translations to you.

Final Reflections

EPIC Translations delivers high-impact French document translation, localization, and transcreation services in 150+ languages to global brands across manufacturing, legal, software, automotive, construction, and marketing industries.

We transform your brand’s voice with cultural context and linguistic subtlety for global consumption so that you can engage with clients, employees, and business partners with authority and in their native tongue.

Our translation quality standards are based on ISO 17100:2015. Our 20,000+ translators are vetted, qualified, and experienced ready to deliver flawless translations at a moment’s notice.

Start Your Journey with EPIC Translations

We deliver high-impact English to French translation service that simplifies your communications with your French-speaking clients, staff, suppliers, and partners.

Simply put, EPIC Translations exists to support your document translation needs whether you need to translate product manuals, company newsletters, website copy, or legal documents.

Need a quote for your document translation project? Fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch shortly. Or, give us a call at (888) 214-2053.

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