You can stay ahead of competitors. We can help!

It’s already February of the new year, and EPIC Translations is here to help you stay ahead of competitors by communicating with your global stakeholders in multiple languages, such as Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Korean. 👇

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New Year, New Goals.

Working to communicate with employees in multiple languages? EPIC Translations will be your witness! We’ve got 20,000 + translators to help you communicate effectively!

English to Spanish translation. EPIC Translations in Michigan. translate HR policies. translate company newsletter to Spanish

English to Spanish translation

Translate your HR policies and company newsletters to keep your global organization on the same page.

English to German translation. translate to German. translate product manuals. translate user guides. German translation

English to German translation

Whether you’re exporting heavy machinery or automotive components, keep control of YOUR message by translating your product manuals and user guides.

English to Chinese translation. Translate English to Chinese. Chinese translation. English to Chinese translation

Expanding your operations or setting up a new factory in China to sell your products in the Asian region? We got you covered.

English to French translation. French translation. translate English to French

English to French translation

Selling your machinery and components in France? They won’t buy your products unless your website is in French. Good thing we have over 2500 French translators ready to translate website copy….YOURS!

New Year, New Goals.

Is 2022 the year when you want to get your global organization on the same page to increase your market share? Our world-class translation services can help. Whether you need a flawless human translation or machine translation post edit for your informal content, EPIC Translations is here to help.

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