Japanese Translation for Your Company

Especially in a hypercompetitive market like Japan, your business documents translated for Japan must be crafted with utmost skill to balance the formal and informal, not to mention the complexity of writing in Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana.

Japanese is a notoriously difficult language to learn and master. 

For starters, the Japanese written language spans three distinct systems. This, coupled with the challenge of cultural nuance and a need to delicately balance the formal and informal, any translated document to or from Japanese must be crafted with the utmost accuracy.

Here’s the thing: The Japanese language may be complex, but your translation service partnership shouldn’t be.

Our Advice? Be Sure to Look for Translation Service Providers Who Guarantee: 

  • Breadth of translation experience and area expertise
  • Commitment to quality assurances 
  • Diversity in translation solution offerings + plan to curate a translation workflow unique to your company’s needs
  • Variety of testimonials 

Japanese translations

EPIC Translations has spent a decade recruiting from among the most qualified, experienced Japanese linguists. Because we guarantee subject matter expertise and a rigorous Japanese proofreading process, our global customers have learned to expect perfection. 

Translation-Edit-Proofread (TEP) Workflow >>

For any audience-facing document, we utilize a translation-edit-proofread (TEP) workflow: Following an initial translation by a vetted, experienced translator, each translation undergoes three full rounds of editing, review, and proofreading to ensure the highest quality.

Machine Translation Post Edit (MTPE) >>

Need a Japanese to English translation for internal consumption? Our machine-translation-post-edit (MTPE) workflow is used for more informal content and is used quite extensively by companies across the globe.

ISO 17100:2015 Quality Standard Adherence >>

Translation quality standards adopted by EPIC Translations are based on ISO 17100:2015. We familiarize ourselves with your company’s preferences for terminology, style, and tone to ensure consistency and alignment with your global brand, guaranteed.

And, because we believe it’s our duty to guarantee our expert services at a reasonable price, we’re constantly working to tweak and improve our quality control workflows.

Ready to dive in? Allow us to help your company to sustain and grow its presence in Japan—reach out for a quote today! 

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