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EPIC Translations is uncompromising in using only translators with the  industry-specific expertise and terminology to ensure accurate and professional document translation services. Our translators specialize in specific industries including manufacturing, legal, engineering, automotive, and marketing. We process each translation service with a customized and personalized translation workflow to make sure the unique nature of your text is not lost in translation. Our biggest asset is our translation team, consisting of more than 20,000 experienced linguists who are readily available to assist with your global translation projects at a moment’s notice. Not to mention that you will have real-time access to your project by accessing our project management portal as a client. You will be able to see where exactly in the translation workflow your project is at – in real time.


EPIC Translations provides business translation services for global brands (both public and private). Science and technology are among our more than a dozen in demand industry verticals. Our popular technical translation services are appreciated by global business for their contextual accuracy and precision. Whether your needs are for user manuals, engineering specs, newsletters, website copy, or other technical documents, EPIC Translations adopts an expedient and efficient approach to translating them in multiple languages. Your time is freed up to focus on high value work while we deploy our technical expertise to help you achieve your desired business goal(s).


Professional translation services are not only valuable in today’s competitive business marketplace, they are an essential ingredient in maintaining and building your global clientele. Many global businesses could not succeed without being able to communicate with their stakeholders in more than one language. Technical translations play a key role in presenting documentation correctly to the target audience. Although machine/software translation applications do exist, they do not offer the same quality and benefits as a professional translation service. In fact, translations from an app can turn out choppy or lose their intended meaning. Without a doubt, the use of machine/software translation to translate your documents can and will hurt your brand more than it will help.

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Using an experienced translation services supplier enables your brand to successfully manage the documents shared among internal and external stakeholders alike. A common concern we have heard time and again is how the document will read in another language. Some words and phrases do not translate well when doing a literal translation. Maintaining the intended meaning can be difficult at best. That’s why our clients consider having EPIC Translations on their side a competitive advantage. We take the time to fully understand the context of your document(s) and how exactly the text should be translated for the target audience. With your documents’ meaning precisely preserved, we ensure your communications maintain a high level of professionalism so you can put your best foot forward in local markets.


EPIC Translations is committed to delivering quality driven and contextually accurate document translation services in a variety of languages. Businesses have an increasing number of non-English speaking workers, suppliers, partners, and clients. Having the ability to translate even the simplest documents into another language has become a valued asset. Demand is escalating for documents in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, and many more languages. Perhaps you need documents translated from English to Spanish or one document translated into several different languages. That’s where EPIC Translations can help you propel and move ahead of your competitors because we are able to handle all your translation needs.


In an ever-growing global business environment, multinational brands require the ability to communicate with employees, suppliers, business partners and clients across the global landscape. This includes translating documents into different languages. Whether you have non-English speaking stakeholders in the US or overseas, it is important to distribute business communications in their native language. When sharing translated documents, it is critically important that the intended meaning is conveyed without deviating from the source text or format/layout. To achieve desired business goals, it is best practice to partner with a reliable language services company for official translation services.


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Looking for a reliable, reasonably priced, and quality-driven document translation services can often be a challenge. Your business needs are unique and so is your audience. EPIC Translations consistently goes a step  beyond by providing high quality services that meet the required deadline. Our translators are ready at a moment’s notice.

The team at EPIC Translations works hard to keep your costs low and provide your company with contextually accurate official translation services. While keeping your costs down, we closely adhere to the demands of your company’s specific terminology preferences. EPIC Translations is the best cost-value proposition for your business translation services; we have earned a reputation for quality work at a fair price.

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When looking for a reliable partner for your document translation needs, EPIC Translations is the top choice for global brands. Chinese language translation services, for example, are becoming increasingly important in virtually every industry. Our language experts can handle multiple and simultaneous translation requests while paying close attention to details. As localization experts, we conform to any of the language’s many dialects to ensure your message is right on target. If your business has a specific set of keywords or ideas that need to be carefully translated to retain their distinct meaning, you can rely on EPIC Translations. We have experienced linguists that understand your niche.

We proudly offer the following services: professional multilingual translation staffing, Chinese translation services, French translation services, Spanish translation services, Japanese translation services and German Translation services.

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You can rely on EPIC translations for high-quality technical translation services. Regardless of the type of business or document you need translated, you can expect to get the fast and accurate professional document translation services – affordable and on time every time.