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At EPIC Translations we provide the high-quality Japanese document translations to support your business communications throughout the USA and Japan. Our Japanese linguists are experienced and specialized in many fields including Automotive, Manufacturing, Legal, Finance, and Engineering.

Our customers rely on our translation services to keep their business operations running smoothly. 

If you have been looking for a reputable business partner who can provide flawless Japanese translation services, then follow the recommendations of our satisfied clients. We take great pride in our 98% review rating. We are easy to reach, experienced, and always ready to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Most of our Japanese to English & English to Japanese translation services clients are repeat customers who appreciate our accuracy, punctuality and reasonable prices.

Translating Japanese documents is no easy task. Communicating expressions and words, especially in Kanji, requires native Japanese business language proficiency.

Our Japanese document translation services can flawlessly translate these complex documents without any setbacks or mistranslations.

We regularly translate documents for the Japan market, including:

  • Engineering manuals
  • Instructional manuals
  • User guides
  • Website localization
  • Equity research reports
  • Investment strategy documents
  • Marketing collateral
  • Legal contracts

For more information about our services and what they entail, please contact us today! One of our experienced Project Managers will suggest a customized package to meet your communication needs in Japanese markets.

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    • Document translations (technical, financial, legal, and medical)
    • Simultaneous interpretations
    • Consecutive interpretations
    • Transcriptions
    • Typesetting and graphics
    • Multicultural marketing translations

Our work is always professional, accurate and delivered on time.  We strive to maintain our reputation for providing high quality document translation services at reasonable prices that our clients have come to expect from us.

Japanese to English OR English to Japanese

Regardless of whether your document translation needs are small or large, our team of trained expert linguists will deliver a high standard of professional services.

Listed below are some of the characteristics in Japanese that are absent in the English language.

  • Formal/Informal address: In Japanese, there are several ways of addressing individuals. The four alternative ways of addressing an individual are Kun, Chan, San, and Sama.
  • Each of these addresses is somewhat hierarchical: Kun could be considered the lowest level. Chan is used to address children. San is more universal. In a sense, San is very much like Sir or Ma’am. Lastly, Sama is considered deferential of the highest order.
  • Vocabulary: it can change for the different genders.
  • Word order: This is also very different. For example, most sentences end in verbs.

The Japanese language has a rich and unique way of conversing and addressing individuals. The need to accurately and fully understand the language, especially when translating or writing documents, is not only required to communicate effectively but also mandatory to maintain business etiquette.

For accurate, culturally sensitive translations, now discover how we meet the special requirements of Japanese document translations.


Our Japanese to English and English to Japanese document translation services localize words for global brands wanting to release documents to their employees, suppliers/business partners, and customers in Japan. As mentioned, Japanese is a unique language; verbally and written.

When it comes to Japanese writing, translations can be very complicated because in Japan the writing system uses four styles of writing.

These writings consist of Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana, and Romanji.

  • Kanji – consists of about 2,000 signs and is based on the Chinese writing system.
  • Katakana – used to write foreign words.
  • Hiragana – the introduction to the written Japanese language. This method of writing is found in children’s literature.
  • Romanji– a modern version of the Japanese written language; which is continuously being developed.

Online translation tools are by no means adequate enough to capture the unique messages and meanings that are found in most conversations. After all, there are certain subtle meanings and phrases that only a human will be able to pick up on and flawlessly translate.

Here at EPIC Translations, our team of native Japanese linguists translate your documents accurately, while capturing the nuances and richness of the Japanese language.


accurate document translation services

We service most of the automotive suppliers and manufacturers throughout the world. Universally, they need reliable and contextually accurate professional document translation services from Japanese to English or English to Japanese. Our expertise ranges from highly technical documents to product marketing literature regardless of whether you’re headquartered in Japan or the USA.


Japanese translator

We understand the need to have flawless and accurate translations, especially for legal documents. Because the Japanese written language is complex and uses four types of writing styles, the need to have a proper translation is incredibly important.

Legal translators who know the Japanese legal system and laws are uniquely qualified to guarantee accurate Japanese to English documents.

At EPIC Translations, our qualified legal professionals provide a range of legal and litigation services. This includes Japanese document management, Japanese electronic data discovery, deposition services, virtual data rooms, on-site document identification, and transcription services. Our Japanese legal linguists have experience working with all types of legal documents. We translate patent applications, merger and acquisition agreements, trademarks and copyrights contracts, wills and trusts, employment and other business documents, leases, and much more. 

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements!


Financial business translation services

Our financial services clients receive the highest quality Japanese translation and business translation services. Whether you are localizing your website, merging with another company, wanting to list your company on stock exchanges,or \you \need \equity \research \reports translated, we have the expertise to move you ahead of your competitors. We have been translating highly technical equity reports at a moment’s notice since our inception and there is no one in the industry better at that than us.


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Our translation services are trusted and recommended by large-scale advertising, marketing, and PR firms. We strive to maintain our reputation for providing targeted Japanese translations to help you break into new markets. We offer the most qualified linguists on our team for your Japanese translation projects. They have unique expertise in localizing marketing collateral and advertising. Choose from a wide variety of solutions to meet your specific needs, including Japanese multicultural marketing, brand consulting, document translation, typesetting and graphics, interpretation, website localization, and more!


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We are very proud of the high translation standards we have maintained. And we continue to strive to be a leading global provider of translation services.

If you have been looking for Japanese translation services, then look no further. You have come to the right place!

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