RotoMetrics Receives an Outstanding Exporter Nomination from EPIC Translations

On March 25-27, 2020 NASBITE International is hosting its 33rd Annual Conference & National Small Business Exporter Summit in Annapolis, Maryland.

As a part of this conference, the Association will issue awards in various categories. NASBITE International is a membership organization representing all sectors of the global business profession, including educators, trade specialists at federal/state/local levels, trade-service providers, and companies involved in global trade. 

EPIC Translations, a leading document translation services company serving global brands, nominated one of their clients as an Outstanding Exporter. Company president and owner, Mostansar Virk, is excited to announce his company’s nomination of RotoMetrics for this prestigious award. 

RotoMetrics is a Missouri-based company founded over 60 years ago. After many years of expansive growth across the United States during the 1980’s, RotoMetrics decided to expand globally. Since then, they’ve launched manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Germany, and a sales office in China. It’s this international expansion that brought them to EPIC Translations. 

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In 2017 RotoMetrics realized the importance of having localized websites for each language for the country they were operating in and decided to relaunch a new and improved website in 7 languages. As a pioneer in rotary tooling, they routinely use industry-specific & company-specific terminology that has to be accurately translated for both message and intent. After all, with clients on 5 different continents, they needed a document translation services partner who would utilize the same attention to detail that their own in-house team was using. 

Some companies in this situation would consider turning to machine-based translation tools, such as the free Google Translator widget. However, those companies are often unaware of the inaccuracies that plague machine translation tools. Localized meanings are often lost. Industry jargon is often incorrectly translated and the end result is a botched translation that can (and often will) turn away customers. Or perhaps some companies would even prefer a supplier in the target country. The problem with that model is you would have to manage multiple supplier relationships – at least 1 for each target country. This often introduces chaos to the expansion process as well as quality control issues which might ultimately negatively impact your brand image. 

RotoMetrics recognized these limitations and opted to rely on the expertise of EPIC Translations. Together, RotoMetrics and EPIC Translations localized region-specific websites and translated product manuals and user guides that conveyed the original English meaning and could be effectively understood and used by the target language speakers. Using their global team of qualified and experienced translators, EPIC Translations delivered localized website copy and translated documents that could be put into production to enhance brand image in the target country. 

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As RotoMetrics continues to expand worldwide, EPIC Translations is excited to continue partnering with them as a reliable and constant partner for translation services. This pairing of two companies, both of whom strive for excellence, is helping to bridge the gap for global brands in our connected economy and a significant contributing factor to the Outstanding Exporter nomination. 

Mostansar Virk founded EPIC Translations in 2005 to help connect global brands with their target audience through world class document translation services. Later, he was appointed to a 5 year term by the Secretary of Commerce to the East Michigan District Export Council. This group recognizes the importance of connecting international companies with U.S. based industry in order to create win – win economic outcomes. Virk earned his place on this volunteer council after the many successes he experienced as founder and CEO of EPIC Translations. 

As the world economy continues to rely more and more on international trade, your brand needs expert reliable and experienced translation services company on its side. The experienced team at EPIC Translations is ready to help position your company as a global brand. Contact us today to request a free quote!

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