A Successful Partnership to Translate English to Chinese: EPIC Translations and Your Legal Documents

Law firms and global brands have been partnering with EPIC Translations for more than a decade to translate their legal documents from English to Chinese.

There’s a reason the phrase “legal mumbo-jumbo” gets tossed around quite a bit by laypersons. Now, think about just how difficult it is when that legal mumbo-jumbo isn’t even in your native language. An inaccurate translation could cause you innumerable problems down the line, and you probably wouldn’t catch it quickly due to unfamiliarity with legalese and another language. That’s exactly why legal clients with multi-lingual needs come to EPIC Translations for help to translate English to Chinese for patent agreements, court appearance documents, and other legal documents.

Whether your organization is a boutique law firm well known for their exceptional legal work in sales representation, commission disputes, manufacturing, and other professional fields, or criminal defense firm, you need the best document translation service available. You’ve earned your reputation by successfully serving your clients—because you make obtaining the best results you can for those clients your number one priority. So, when you realize that you need to use a service to translate English to Chinese, you knew you’d have to find a company with the same impeccably high standards you have: EPIC Translations.

Translate English to Chinese legal documents EPIC Translations

Legal Document Translation Errors Can Be VERY Costly

Millions of dollars, someone’s livelihood, or their very freedom may ride on the results you get for your clients—why gamble with a low tier translation service? In the legal sector, multi-lingual documents are often a necessity, so you understand fully how critical it is to have translations which are not only contextually accurate in terms of specific meaning, but which are also legally robust.

A simple turn of phrase or a technical term can change the entire outcome of a legal case, in any language—and when you are translating from one to another, you need to understand more than just the language. You need to know the full effect of every word you use in the legal sense. You don’t just need a language expert; you need a language expert that also understands the law. Translate English to Chinese legal documents EPIC Translations

Law Firms Partner With EPIC Translation to Translate English to Chinese Documents

Legal firms and organizations such as McDermott Will & Emery LLP, Guy Carpenter & Company, LLC, Monroe County Circuit Court, Dworsky Law Firm, Gail & Rice, and Salvatore Prescott & Porter, PLLC have chosen to partner with EPIC Translations to translate their legal documents.

At EPIC Translations, our worldwide networks of over 20,000 human translators provide us with not only expertise in just about every language, but also with specialized expertise in many different fields, including the legal sector. Our translation methods and policies allow for redundant editing by experts, so that we can deliver flawless translations, no matter how high their expectations may be. Choosing EPIC Translations to translate English to Chinese for your clients is the natural choice for your law firm.

Just as the success of a law firm depends on the success of their clients, our success here at EPIC rides on your success as a company, too. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide you document translation service that is not only fast, but flawless based on ISO 17100:2015 translation quality standard.  Contact EPIC Translations today to find out how our legal translation experts can help you deliver the best possible results to your clients, as well.

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