Translate English to Italian to Better Your Business

In order to compete in today’s business landscape, companies have to think globally. And to do that, they need to focus on more than just the product or service they’re offering. They have to be able to deliver and translate English to Italian documents for their clients and potential clients.

Let Us Translate English to Italian for You!

So if you’re an English-speaking company in the automotive, marketing, legal and manufacturing fields who wants to do business in Italy, you need to work with a translation services company that can work quickly, professionally and flawlessly.

After all, that’s why major companies from all over the world partner with EPIC Translations. With more than 20,000 expert human translators worldwide, we provide efficient, contextually accurate translation services for a wide variety of languages. Plus, we translate English to Italian with remarkable proficiency.

Let’s look at four industries we specialize in helping.


To succeed in Italy, automotive companies need detailed document translation services. Your paperwork must translate properly to a native Italian speaker.

Consider: isn’t your goal to grow and maintain your client base? Then your warranties, driver’s manuals, part descriptions, and more must be wholly understandable.

So when you work with EPIC Translations, you can rest easy knowing we will always translate English to Italian with the accuracy you require. Plus your Italian clients will know right away that you care about their interests as much as your own.

To compete in Italian marketing, English-speaking companies must translate English to Italian accurately and efficiently.


When marketing your product or service abroad, there is no room for error in your sales and marketing materials. Any minor mistake can make your documents feel childish, nonsensical or perhaps even offensive. Because certain phrases, word choices and idioms do not always translate across cultures, you need professional transcreation specialists to translate English to Italian.

That’s where we come in. EPIC Translations diligently vets each member of our global translation team. Our mission is to ensure that all translated documents properly convey the right message and tone.


Legal documents are already a tricky business in your own native language. They are highly specific and can leave no room for vagueness. After all, one little mistake can cost you a ton of time and money.

So, when you need to translate English to Italian for your legal documents, everything must be flawless. It’s important they read as if they were written by an Italian counsel. When you partner with us, you can be confident that your Italian legal documents will be as airtight in Italian as they are in English.


Manufacturing companies cannot afford to have any issues with their translated documents. First, your products must be described accurately. Next, your instructional manuals can leave no room for errors. Finally, your packaging needs to convey exactly what the product is and what it does.

With EPIC Translations on your side, you can translate English to Italian in the most precise manner. Let us help you help your Italian clients understand that you’re serious about working with them.

Turnkey Solutions

EPIC Translations provides turnkey solutions for document translation services for some of the largest brands in the world. We work with a diverse group of English-speaking companies to deliver document translation, website localization, desktop publishing and software localization expertise. To ensure your Italian clients are getting exactly what they need, turn to EPIC Translations whenever you need to translate English to Italian.