Translate Product Manuals in French. Faster.

As a member of the EU, France has 46 preferential trade agreements in force and is trying hard to reduce regulatory barriers for global companies. And although French is a charming language, technical and legal jargon is often difficult to effectively translate from English to French. But global brands that have a robust content translation practice in place, either in-house or partnership with a translation services company, tend to do better in France.

American companies doing business in France must ensure that their French translations are culturally sensitive – especially those companies in the automotive, manufacturing, financial, and legal industries. Why specifically these industries? Because a minor word lost in translation could cause a multitude of big problems.

Global brands are choosing to partner with EPIC Translations to ensure their documents are correctly translated into French. EPIC Translations can deliver  accurate French translations thanks to our more than 2,500 highly competent French translators. As a result, our clients take pride in the fact that their French translations resonate at a native level with French speaking customers, employees, and business partners.

“I received a referral to use EPIC Translations.  Mostansar Virk responds immediately to our company requests.  We often push the turnaround time for translation within 24 hours and he and the team are very accommodating.  It has been a great partnership since our introduction.”

When doing business in France, it’s critical that your legal agreements are translated with unwavering precision. If a single word, let alone an entire sentence is mistranslated, the entire meaning may be lost, exposing your company to costly mistakes and litigation.

EPIC Translations is the place to go if you need precise English to French translations. Our proprietary translation workflows ensure every document is translated flawlessly without compromising speed. 

Companies in the automotive and manufacturing industries can have a difficult time dealing in overseas markets without adequate and reliable translation services.

Machine translations are beneficial in some use cases where a certain level of mistranslation can be tolerated, but for documents that require 100% accurate translations, such as product manuals, parts descriptions, HR policies, website copy, and installation instructions, you want to use human translators.

EPIC Translations makes sure your English to French translations will be contextually accurate and production ready for your stakeholders in France.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your French customers, employees, and business partners will be able to not only read but also fully comprehend your documents, as if they were originally written in French.

Reliable document translation service from EPIC Translations makes it easy to market and sell your products in France. Words, phrases, and idioms in English don’t always have a perfect translation, and any error could result in a document that doesn’t make sense or, in certain situations, offend your French stakeholders.

That’s why the EPIC Translations team doesn’t only deliver flawless translations; we also know how and when to  transcreate your content that will emotionally and psychologically resonate at a native level. We understand how to grab the essence of your message in English and make it shine in French. 

EPIC Translations has gained the trust of some of the world’s most recognizable brands by offering turnkey document translation services.

Product manual translation, website localization, desktop publishing, and software localization are among the services our clients use to increase market share in France and to stay a few steps ahead of competitors. 

Contact EPIC Translations when you’re ready to give your French-speaking clientele the best documents possible.

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