Translate Product Manuals in Multiple Languages

Our document translation service streamlines communications with global employees, suppliers, and customers.

EPIC Translations Capabilities:

  1. High-quality document translation service
  2. Quick confirmations & quick deliveries
  3. 150 + languages
  4. 20,000 + human translators
  5. Free translation samples

Global brands choose to partner with EPIC Translations for document translation needs for content such as product manuals, website copy, company newsletters, and legal agreements.


BrandSafway and Maxcess International have partnered with EPIC and they each saved hundreds of dollars on their translation projects while growing their global market share.

Too good to be true? Not at all.

Our translation workflow is not just about converting words and rearranging them to account for grammar in the target language. 

Languages reflect psychology, culture and history too, which is why our experienced human translators are so valuable in translating your content to emotionally connect with your target audience.

We include two to three translators per project to ensure ISO 17100:2015 translation quality standard.

Choosing EPIC Translations as your document translations supplier is about adding experience, right people and tools to produce quality translation for your company.

So you can be sure your message gets out quickly and is not lost in translation.

Our translators will get to know your business, and the culture of your audience.

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Once the translation phase is completed and approved, we deliver it to you in the format and layout from the initial source document. 

The result? Translated document that conveys your message accurately and will emotionally resonate with your audience.

This outcome can reflect how well your global brand competes in existing and new markets. That’s why so many global brands choose to partner with EPIC Translations.  

Document Translation Service: HUMAN vs MACHINE

Not sure whether to use human translation or machine translation software? Global brands wrestle with this question quite often. We got you covered with a thorough analysis written specifically on this issue. It can be read here:

Once you’ve decided what languages you want to translate your product manuals into, we are ready to get to work. For you. Contact us today for a quote.
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