Machine Translation Post Edit – 6.3 million words processed in 6 weeks

What do you do when there are more than 6,000,000 million words of informal content to be translated in a short period of time? You turn to Machine Translation Post Edit workflow by EPIC Translations!

EPIC Translations was selected to provide its machine translation post edit service that had to be completed within 6 weeks for Airbnb.

Machine Translation Post Edit Workflow Requirements:

1. Machine translation post edit (MTPE) of 6.3 words for the following languages:

  1. Chinese Simplified
  2. Chinese Traditional
  3. French (France)
  4. German
  5. Portuguese (Brazilian)

The project was performed for a property rental company expanding its footprint to China, France, Germany, and Brazil.

Machine Translation Post Edit Workflow Fulfillment:

EPIC Translations successfully identified, recruited, and managed 85 linguists to edit and proofread more than 6.3 million words in 6 weeks using its machine translation post edit workflow. The final version of the text had to sound 100% native, free of errors, and ready for web consumption by one of the largest property rental websites on the web.

The 85 linguists selected for this project were located throughout the USA, China, France, Germany, and Brazil. EPIC Translations brought on-board 3 project managers to manage the project effectively. Our proprietary project management software called EPS (EPIC Provisioning System) was utilized in order to manage file assignments, delivery schedule, invoicing, and reporting. All 85 linguists had direct access to EPS where it was a pretty straightforward process to keep track of all source files, target files, assignments, status, and the overall schedule.

machine translation post edit document translation service Michigan EPIC Translations


EPIC Translations successfully completed this project ahead of schedule and the end client was able to expand to their target countries as planned. As of today this end client is getting ready to trade its stock on the public market. It has increased its revenues by tenfold and has added more than a thousand jobs to the global economy. The MTPE processed text was received very well and is actively being used on their web properties.

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