Essential Translation Quality Controls

Importance Of Translation Quality Controls

In the translation business, putting out quality work is of the utmost importance, but it is not always easy to produce. There are a few different reasons for this, but most problems in translation work are results of two issues.

First Translation Issue

The first of these issues is that although most translators are fluent in the languages required of them and have a solid base of knowledge in a certain field, i.e. finance or pharmaceuticals, they are not always experts in the exact area that the document being translated is relating to.  Many documents are very complicated, which gives the translator difficulty in translating.  This is especially common in medical document translations.  It is highly unlikely that the translator has a specialized education in the specific medical condition of the document at hand.

Second Translation Issue

The second quality issue in translation stems from the fact that because the translation is both an art and a science, it is very subjective. Languages can have many different meanings for different phrases, and those phrases can sometimes be translated very differently.  This means that although the translation can make perfect sense to one, it may have lost the true meaning of the original document.

How to alleviate quality issues

The best way to alleviate quality issues in translation work is to subject the translated document to a reviewer.  This second look at the translation will catch most issues or errors that the first translator may have missed.  Sometimes even two reviewers are necessary.

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