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Socket Mobile is a publicly traded company that reached out to EPIC Translations to localize their website for their China market objectives. Read this case study to see how EPIC Translations made sure that Socket Mobile can outshine their competitors in China.

As companies seek to increase their global market share and find success in different parts of the world, it becomes vital that your customer facing documentation are able to communicate effectively in a variety of languages.Although English has become a common internet language, many people still do not engage with English as their primary language. Reaching out in localized languages can lead to new clients and increased sales revenues.

Simply put, it is not enough to rely on machine translation software. Machine translation software is designed for general or simple translations at best. Most companies and industries have their own jargon and vocabulary that may have different meanings depending on the language and the context. We have expertise in translating into over 180 languages for different types of documents, such as instructional manuals, marketing material, legal contract, and website localization. We have successfully used our expertise in language services to bring many clients into the global marketplace.


At EPIC Translations we believe that every day can be an opportunity to connect with your global customer base. In order to reach out to potential clients in other countries, you will be far more successful if done in their native language.

One of our clients, Socket Mobile (, has recently taken their business to a new level. Socket Mobile is a publicly traded company providing innovative and cost-effective data captures tools for businesses. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, they were founded in 1992, and have been growing ever since. The primary goals of their business are to enhance productivity for their clients in retail point of sale, field service, transportation, manufacturing and other mobile markets. One of their key products is a third party barcode enabled mobile application that integrates their cordless barcode scanners. They have a large and skilled network of registered developers using their software kit to add sophisticated barcode scanning to mobile applications.

They came to EPIC Translations in order to start offering their products in China and Mexico. They wanted to localize their website into Chinese (Simplified) and Spanish (Latin America) so that when clients come to discover more about Socket Mobile they have all the information in their native language complete with localized vocabulary for the different technologies and software. EPIC Translations, based in Michigan, got to work immediately utilizing their experienced linguists and expertise in website localization.

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One of our first steps with Socket Mobile was to determine their goals for their translated website. “EPIC Translations was very helpful in advising us on the best way to utilize translated languages for our international websites. The translations were done accurately and on time in order to help us with our global market share.” said Eddie Toro, Director of Marketing Communications for Socket Mobile. EPIC Translations was able to meet Socket Mobile’s needs for website localization and document translations based on a personalized approach by asking the right questions that will result in effectively expanding Socket Mobile’s reach as well as opening new markets.

Socket Mobile’s core values are accountability, customer focus, excellence, integrity, and mutual respect. By utilizing EPIC Translations services they are able to perform all of those aspects for their targeted markets in China and Mexico. By localizing their website not only can they bring their business to the global market, but also maintain the spirit of their company. Taking the diversity of the world into account Socket Mobile will become a frontrunner in innovative barcode mobile technologies.

In addition to localizing their websites, EPIC Translations helped Socket Mobile by translating their data sheets that are critically important in the market place. “Our language services will allow Socket Mobile to expand their product offerings in Asia and Latin America,” says EPIC Translations, “Socket Mobile’s localized website and translated data sheets in Chinese and Spanish will result in increased annual sales and a larger market share.”

A digital only translation service would not have been able to adequately meet Socket Mobile’s needs. Translating industry specific terminology requires knowledgeable linguists, which is often too complex for computer software to handle. Using human and industry specific expertise can create a communication platform that helps funnel clientele and increase profits.

Translated website and documents don’t just have a positive effect on a company’s reach; it can also improve the company’s ability to work globally. By having a reliable translation partner, communications between the company and its potential customers can be easier and accurate. All of EPIC Translations linguistic resources are capable of meeting aggressive deadlines, working within a complex framework, critical thinking skills, adaptability to a variety work environments and proven analytical skills to understand the industry they are working with.

Moreover, having a reliable document translation partner can increase a company’s credibility in the industry. By increasing your localization footprint, you gain more capacity to increase your visibility and reach out to new potential clients. Through EPIC Translations you will have access to over 20,000 expert linguists specializing in over 180 languages as well as a very stable translation lifecycle workflow to ensure world class quality.

We have worked with a variety of industries since our company started offering document translation services in 2005. We have been successful in creating contextually accurate translations in the automotive, information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, energy development, renewable energy, and robotics industries.

EPIC Translations has a proven record of helping clients reach their potential in their industry and expanding their ability to engage with the global market. The world market is growing at an amazing rate and it offers unprecedented opportunities for companies to make a difference and share their products and services with a larger audience than ever before.

Learn more about the document translation services offered by EPIC Translations by contacting us at 734-786-8293 or We are ready to help take your business to the next level on the global stage.

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