Translation Drivers

Business Drivers

As a buyer of translation services, it is important to understand the main business drivers for translation services. Different companies, depending on size and scope, will have different drivers. But according to a report titled “Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative” published by Gilbane, authors outline 9  business drivers that generate demand for translation services. These are:

  1. Faster time to market
  2. Global content consistency, quality, and accuracy
  3. Improved global and product brand management
  4. Regulatory requirements
  5. Increasing revenues in specific vertical markets
  6. Increasing revenues in established geographies
  7. Increasing revenues in emerging geographies
  8. Simultaneous product shipments
  9. Increasing multilingual content volume

In our own experiences in servicing our clients’ needs, we have certainly come across all 9 of these at one time or the other. Companies, depending on their globalization scope, tend to simultaneously have 1 to 2 of these drivers at any given time. For example, one of our client’s business driver for hiring us as a Language Service Provider was “Increasing revenues in specific vertical markets.”

It is fair to say that the more of a globalization operation you have, the more of these business drivers will come into play. Need to enhance your globalization operations? Contact us today for a free consultation session.

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