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We’re passionate about the work we do for the clients. We are driven by our promise to ensure flawless quality of translated documents for your business to help you sustain your global brand and to stay ahead of competitors.

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What EPIC Translations Customers Say…

EPIC Translations has been supporting global brands since 2008 with contextually accurate document translation services for multiple languages.

Our clients hire us for translating documents such as product manuals, employee handbooks, newsletters, website copy, marketing collateral, legal contracts, and brochures for a variety of languages such as French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Read below to see what some of our clients say about us.

Client: Brake Parts Inc.

Testimonial_Brake Parts Inc


Client: Private

Testimonial VP and Communications Branding


Client: Private

BrandSafway testimonial for epic translations document translations


Client: RotoMetrics

RotoMetrics EPIC Translations testimonial for website localization


Client: Warmup

Warmup EPIC Translations testimonial for document translation service

Document Translations

Why Do Global Brands Hire EPIC Translations for Professional Document Translation Service

Global brands partner with EPIC Translations for professional document translation services to connect with global stakeholders in their native language(s). Recently, we asked a few of our clients how working with EPIC Translations has helped their business. These individuals support their company’s global operations as Marketing Managers, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Brand / Marketing Supervisors, and HR Managers. While their roles are different, their answers prove they have common goals that they need to achieve.

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Website Localization Detroit EPIC Translatoins

Localization of Your Website Leads to Greater Market Share

Localization of your website should be among the first projects you undertake as you start to expand your brand globally. Why? Because your localized website is often the first contact your global customers have with your company, it is critical that you are able to engage with them effectively on both a literal and contextual level in their own language via correctly localized website.

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