Translate Documents from English to Spanish

As beautiful of a language as Spanish might be, English doesn’t always translate to it so easily. 

If your organization is wanting to communicate with Spanish speaking stakeholders, your English to Spanish translations need to be contextually accurate. 

To ensure their documents are accurately translated, companies, nonprofits, schools, and governments across the USA are partnering with EPIC Translations. With a roster of more than 20,000 professional human translators across the world, we are able to accurately translate your documents.

With that being said, we’ve composed a few beneficial translation services related questions that might be on your mind.

Why is accuracy important in English to Spanish translations?

It’s an understatement when we say that your translations need to be accurate. Otherwise the below issues will crop up and affect your brand image: 

  • Mistranslations can lead to misunderstandings, confusion, and even offense.
  • In some cases, inaccurate translations can have serious consequences, such as financial loss or legal problems.
  • By partnering with a reputable translation service provider, organizations can ensure their communications are accurately translated 

How can inaccurate translations impact your brand?

Inaccurate translations can have a significant negative impact on businesses, including:

  • Loss of business opportunities. When your marketing materials, product descriptions, or other business documents are not translated accurately, you may miss out on potential customers.
  • Legal problems. If your legal documents are not translated correctly, you could face costly errors and litigation.
  • Damage to your brand reputation. A poorly translated document can give the impression that your company is unprofessional or does not care about its customers.
  • Lost sales. If your customers cannot understand your product descriptions or instructions, they may not buy your products.

Why is transcreation necessary for marketing material?

Transcreation is sometimes necessary when translating marketing materials because English words, phrases, and idioms might not have an exact translation. This can lead to a document that might not make sense even if phrases are correctly translated. And in some cases, your translations could offend your stakeholders.

A translator who understands the importance of transcreation will be able to take the “heart of your message” and “make that message shine in Spanish.” They will be able to convey the meaning of the original message in a way that is both accurate and culturally relevant for your stakeholders.

How does EPIC Translations ensure accuracy?

EPIC Translations has a rigorous process in place to ensure accuracy of its English to Spanish translations:

  • The company employs a team of over 3,500 professional Spanish translators.
  • All translations are first reviewed by an additional human translator.
  • The translations are then proofread by a third human translator to ensure that they are free of errors and fully ready for the client.
  • EPIC Translations also offers a translation guarantee, so customers can be confident that they will receive accurate translations.

Does EPIC Translations support translations of personal documents?

EPIC Translations caters to personal document translation needs by providing certified translation services and certificate of translation for personal documents such as:

  • Birth certificates 
  • Driver’s licenses 
  • Medical records 
  • School transcripts & diplomas

What challenges can you face in translating documents?

Companies that translate documents from English to Spanish often face several challenges, including:

  • The two languages have different grammar and sentence structures. This can make it difficult to translate a document from one language to the other without losing meaning or making it difficult to understand.
  • Some words and phrases do not have exact equivalents in the other language. This can lead to confusion or misunderstandings if the translator is not careful.
  • Cultural differences can also make it difficult to translate a document from one language to the other. A translator needs to be aware of the cultural context of the document and how it will be interpreted by the target audience.

For these reasons, it is important to use a professional translation service when translating your organization’s documents. A professional translator will have the experience and expertise to ensure that the translation is accurate, clear, and culturally appropriate.

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In a nutshell, EPIC Translations is here to have your back on all things translation—whether it’s product manuals, school forms, company news, app/website words, or legal contracts. We got you covered!

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