Party is just getting started

Did you know that currently there are more than 100,000 million people in China living below the poverty line as defined by the UN? According to  Chinese President Hu Jintao’s remarks at BRICS Leaders Meeting “China has a large population and a weak economic foundation. Our development is uneven and per capita GDP low. We face considerable resources and environmental constraints in pursuing economic development.”

If you think you’ve missed the China party, let me tell you that the party is JUST getting started! To address the challenges I quoted above, China has introduced a 5-year plan where it will be “committed to scientific development, and focus on accelerating the transformation of the economic development pattern. We will advance economic restructuring at a faster pace, strengthen capacity for innovation, ensure energy conservation and emission reduction, and deepen reform and opening up. We will take greater steps to protect and improve people’s well-being and promote social equity and justice. We will strive for sustained, steady and relatively fast economic development, and promote social stability and harmony. We will ensure that our development is for the people and by the people, and the development achievements are shared among the people.”

What does this mean for your industry and more importantly, for your company? It translates to tremendous opportunities. The words above spell out economic activities and possibilities for the brave companies who dare to join the China party. But I am not exaggerating when I say that if your content can not emotionally and psychologically connect to the average Chinese person, you may as well not even try to join the party!

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