Technical Interpretation: Belcan Engineering Services

EPIC Translations provides specialized technical multilingual human resources.

Belcan Corporation is a broad spectrum engineering and technical services company that has been providing services for over 50 years to a diverse customer base throughout the world.  GE is one of the largest clients of Belcan Corporation.  Belcan was contacted by GE to provide Italian < > English interpreters for 6 months at one of their locations in the USA. technical interpretation Belcan selected EPIC Translations to fulfill this request.


  1. The interpreters should have Engineering background and be fluent in construction terminology;
  2. Should be willing to travel to Italy with GE management.

EPIC Translations has more than 20,000 professional and well-qualified interpreters and translators. When it comes to interpretation requests with specific background and requirements, there are very few interpreters who are able to fill the shoes.  In this case, the interpreters must be willing to do the following:

  1. Live in a very small town for 6 months
  2. Work in a construction zone and utilize hard hat and steel toe boots throughout the duration of the project
  3. Willing to work 10 to 30 hours of overtime every week
  4. If needed, travel to Italy with GE management


EPIC Translations was able to successfully fulfill the requirements by supplying 2 well-qualified technical interpreters to GE.  The interpreters spent 6 months on-site with GE interpreting between GE supervisors and construction workers imported from Italy.

Technical interpretation

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