First Time Buyers Guide – Global Document Translations

Creating a global brand requires publishing relevant documents in your target market(s) and can be the difference between increasing your global market share versus only being able to compete in your existing market(s). Therefore, you need to partner with a supplier that can provide global document translations in a consistent manner.

The key to entering new markets is being able to publish translated documents (product guides, manuals, contracts, marketing collateral, websites, etc) that create an understanding and sound as natural as possible.

But hiring a global document translations supplier for the first time can be a daunting task. How do you know which company can translate documents that are not only readable in the local language, but also sensitive to the local culture and and fully compliant with your industry specifics? This is a guide for the first time document translation services buyers providing insight into what to look for before spending your hard-earned money.

Global Document Translations First Time Buyers GuideChoosing the right global document translations supplier is all about finding a partner that has the experience and the right people and tools to produce quality driven translated documents. There are many considerations for hiring a document translation services supplier, but they can be summed up as follows:

  • Does the company have experienced translators and/or specialists to translate your industry jargon?
  • How much experience does the company have in document translations in general?
  • Does the company have a formal QA process?
  • Does the company have an understanding of your target country’s culture, customs, and understandings?
  • Can the company work with your business to create exact translations that communicate the full effect of your documents?
  • Can the company adapt terminology, tone, and style for your intended audience?
  • Can the company meet your speed of doing business?

Global Document Translations First Time Buyers GuideChoosing the right translation services supplier for you means identifying a supplier that has the capabilities, tools, and expertise to support your global operations. When looking for a translation services supplier, also consider the following factors:

  • Is the company experienced in working with organizations of your size and stature?
  • Does the company do its own translations with in-house linguistic resources (translators and project managers)?
  • Can the company provide examples of their work, specifically in your target languages?
  • Does the company enable you to be involved in all steps of the translation process?
  • Does the company offer a formal revision process?

Global Document Translations First Time Buyers Guide

Further, for your business to maximize results, it is important to manage your document translation project as effectively as possible. The global document translation services supplier should be able to work with your requirements and help you publish translated documents that are of the highest quality. Project management considerations should include:

  • Defining your project scope by answering these questions:
    • Who is your intended audience?
    • What is the scope of your project and what is the purpose of your translated document(s)?
    • Where and how are your translated documents going to be used?
    • Will you need a formal document revision plan?
    • Why are you having your documents translated?
    • Do you have sufficient funding for translating your documents?
  • Package your answers to the previous questions as a bid for services.
  • Find and hire a translation services company that can meet all of the requirements you have defined.

Global Document Translations First Time Buyers GuideFinally, hiring the right document translation services supplier means finding a company you can work with and trust over the long term. A quality document translation services company is more than just a supplier. They should be seen and treated as a valuable team member providing your business a customized service that helps your business grow and thrive. When hiring a document translation services company, it is important to look for the following:

  • Does the company cultivate long term relationships with its customers?
  • Does the company work with their customers to effectively manage projects?
  • Is the company willing to adapt to your needs and adjustments when necessary?
  • Can the company develop new approaches when needed to accommodate your specific business needs?

When you hire EPIC Translations as your document translation services partner, you can be sure that you will get the best answers to all of these questions. EPIC Translations is a globally connected company offering a full array of translation services with a focus on understanding your target markets, people, languages, and customs to ensure the documents you need translated meet your requirements and also effectively communicate your message.

Global Document Translations First Time Buyers GuideLast but not least, EPIC Translations’ linguistic resources (translators and project managers) have decades of experience managing translation services projects of all sizes. This means that we can adapt to your needs and provide exactly the document translation services you need. EPIC Translations will become a expert level team member that will assist in increasing your global market share.

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