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EPIC Translations has been managing the English to Chinese translation scene for almost 15 years. At first, we were the go-to subcontractors for pretty much all the big language service providers worldwide. Now, we’re the prime contractor for some of the coolest global brands, non-profits, schools, and government agencies.

We all know China isn’t just a big country—it also imports TONS of stuff.

China totally pulled off a superhero move by uplifting over 800 million folks from poverty in the last 40 years during its economic glow-up. That’s a whopping 800 million people, no joke!

They made it happen by spending their energy into beefing up their people skills, making stuff for the world (Made in China), making the countryside awesome (well connected infrastructure), boosting education and healthcare, diving into research and development, throwing down on social welfare, and turning up the urbanization vibes.

Focus On Their Own Turf

Other than the month-long showdown in 1979 with Vietnam, China hasn’t really jumped (or empowered others to jump) into any big military clashes. So, they’ve had the freedom to focus their energy into their own turf, their own people, and what lies ahead. According to the World Bank, China’s latest game plan (Country Partnership Framework) for 2020 to 2025 has three main areas they’re diving into:

  1. Advancing Market and Fiscal Reforms – They’re leveling up the market and sorting out their money game—making things competitive for their private sector to thrive. Plus, they’re scoring major points by getting the lowdown on better subnational fiscal management (local & regional governments) and bankrolling infrastructure for the long haul (Belt and Road Initiative).
  2. Promoting Greener Growth – They’re all about being eco-friendly—cutting down on plastic mess in the air, dirt, water, and oceans, managing resources the smart way, cheering on green cities and transportation, and making the switch to cleaner energy sources.
  3. Sharing the Benefits of Growth – They’re spreading the growth vibes by investing in early childhood development and making sure everyone gets a piece of the social and health goodness.

It’s a no brainer, but global brands that tapped into the Chinese market for selling their goods and services saw substantial demand. Despite some political drama, selling in China can amp up your sales and market share too. Just gotta get your legal contracts, manuals, website, and marketing collateral translated into Chinese. Easy peasy!

When you’re getting those translations done, it’s crucial that they hit the emotional and mental notes just right for your Chinese customers, business partners, and employees. Gotta nail the lingo, style, and tone for that perfect connection.

Alright, —here are some questions you might wanna think about when you’re mulling over selling your stuff in China.

Is the US-China Trade War Still Going On?

So, a lot of those tariffs are still hanging around, even though things calmed down a bit in 2020 when the US and China hit pause on more trade duty plans. A study by the Peterson Institute found that Chinese imports hit with the heftiest US tariffs in 2022 dropped about 25% compared to pre-trade war levels. Stuff like semiconductors, furniture, and certain gadgets took a hit. Surprisingly, it’s not just a slow economy thing—imports like laptops and computer monitors that dodged the tariff bullet actually went up by 42%.

If your industry’s caught in the trade war crossfire, it’s a good move to hit up your industry buddies for brainstorming ideas and feedback!

Which Industries Are Shipping the Most Stuff to China?

Industries doing the most shipping to China are:

  • Education & Training
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Automotive Industry
  • Design & Construction
  • Energy
  • Environmental Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Travel & Tourism

Should We Hire Pros for Translating If We’re Looking to Sell Our Stuff in China?

Honestly—your in-house Chinese speaking staff should be able to handle some of it! For casual stuff, feel free to tap into AI online translation tools. But when it’s the real deal—like legal agreements, product manuals, website copy, and marketing magic—it’s wise to bring in the pros for spot-on translations. Keep it contextually accurate, you know? EPIC Translations to the rescue!

How Would Getting English to Chinese Translation Help My Company in China?

Sure, many folks in China can read English, but it doesn’t always click as smoothly as their native language, Chinese. So, if you’re pushing your goods and services in China, it’s a big deal to make sure your content and documents talk the talk in Chinese. Frankly speaking, it’ll get you more customers in China. Not to mention, more likes and hearts too!

Okay, But Should We Really Bother Translating Our Documents into Chinese?

YES! If you’re selling stuff to folks in China, it’s smart to translate your product info, marketing stuff, legal jargon, website copy, and other communication stuff into Chinese. Why? Because it’s sure to bring the following advantage for your brand: 

  1. Cultural relevance
  2. Building trust & credibility
  3. Legal & regulatory compliance
  4. Competitive edge
  5. Positive user experience
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits

Can Getting English to Chinese Translation Boost Our Product Sales in China?

Getting your products and services to connect with the local scene in Chinese is a major first step. Regardless if you’re selling to consumers or businesses. But to really nail it, check out these additional tactics you should use in China:

  • Build long term relationships with your target audience
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Offer convenient payment options
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Attend trade shows and events
  • Respect and adapt different cultures within China
  • Emphasize quality of your products
  • Remain innovative and adaptable

According to ‘ITA’s China – Country Commercial Guide’, additional tactics mentioned below can also help:

  • Get formal introductions
  • Provide continuous communication
  • Give gifts
  • Hire local service providers
  • Provide on-site training

Does EPIC Translations Offer Website Localization Service?

EPIC Translations has been providing website localization service for nearly 15 years. We not only translate the website copy, but we can integrate the translated copy back into your website so your visitors will have a cohesive and organic experience with your website. Our localization approach includes managing critical success factors for localizing your website.

What Kind of Content Are Your Current Clients Translating for China?

Even if the big shots in management speak English in top-tier cities, US global brands need to know that not everyone in China is an English whiz. Sure, Chinese folks generally like American made stuff, but there are some key things to keep in mind for success. That’s why our current clients usually translate these docs when doing business in China:

  1. Product manuals
  2. Website copy
  3. Legal agreements
  4. Marketing collateral

Some of our clients also translate corporate newsletters, internal policies, and all-hands meetings for different branches of the company.

Could I Use Those Free AI Online Translation Tools for My Documents?

For internal use content, go ahead and give those AI translation tools a spin. But when it’s the real deal—like your product manuals, website, legal stuff, and marketing magic—it’s way better to get human translators to translate English to Chinese. You can use your in-house team or team up with a translation hotshot like EPIC Translations.

Start Your Journey with EPIC Translations

EPIC Translations is the go-to for major US brands when they need English to Chinese translation—talk about a power move!

Our English to Chinese translators not only save you some cash on translations but also keep the convo with your Chinese stakeholders on point. Easy peasy!

In a nutshell, EPIC Translations is here to have your back on all things translation—whether it’s product manuals, company news, app/website words, or legal stuff. We got you covered!

Check out a quick video about EPIC Translations down below!

Looking for a quote for your next English to Chinese translation project? Wanna chat about how we can amp up your Chinese communication game? Just drop your info in the form below, and we’ll be in touch real soon. Or if you’re feeling chatty, give us a ring at (888) 214-2053!

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