Document Translation Services in Chicago

Real Translations. Real Growth.

Are you looking for Document  Translation Services in Chicago? Whether you have technical documents, legal contracts, medical documents, or marketing material that need translating; our proprietary translation quality controls and subject matter expert linguists will ensure flawless, contextually accurate, and production ready document translations.

Using computer programs to translate your content is, at best, insufficient and produce many linguistic and contextual errors. At worst, your sales and brand reputation will be negatively impacted.

At EPIC Translations, we understand that making the right impression in a multinational market might be the difference between a growing business and an under performing one. So, for contextually accurate and professional document translation services in Chicago, EPIC Translations is your best choice.

Additionally, you will be able to manage all of your projects in real time via our proprietary project management portal.

Expand Your Market Share

Thanks to our large and powerful network of subject matter expert linguists, EPIC Translations is the most trusted and recommended language services provider for helping multinational organizations increase global market share.

The Industries we serve

Adoption document translations
Advanced materials technical document translations
Automotive technical document translations
Education language services
Finance document translations
Medical Devices and Health care document translations
Immigration document translations
Technical Document Translations
Internet of Things localization and translation services
Legal Translation Services
Manufacturing Doucment Translations
Oil and Gas Exploration technical document translations
Energy Storage Technical Document Translations
Robotics technical document translations

Why Choose EPIC Translation ?

  • Competency – We not only enable you to communicate globally, but we lower your document translation costs without compromising quality.

  • Reliability – We consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Convenience – We are easy and fun to work with.

  • Continuous improvement – As you expand globally, we improve our processes and workflows to better meet your needs.