Simultaneous interpretation equipment

Simultaneous Interpreter + Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

If you’re hosting a conference that has 5 or more people in the audience; it is a good idea to get a simultaneous interpreter plus the simultaneous interpretation equipment that would allow each member of your audience to listen to the interpretation of the talk in real time.

Simultaneous interpretation is generally done in a pair of 2 interpreters and a great deal of machinery is involved in the process! Following is a list of interpretation equipment that is needed to successfully carry out simultaneous interpretations.

This assumes that the interpretation is being conducted for 1 target language:

  1. 8-Channel Receiver – This helps with crystal clear audio and is digitally controlled for tuning. This can be used with either headphone, earphone, or earbud.
  2. T-35 Transmitter – Enables communications between the speaker, audience, and the interpreter.
  3. Interpreter’s Control Unit – Can be used as a stand-alone unit for dual language applications and up to 2 target languages.
  4. Interpreter’s microphone
  5. Interpretation booth – This is generally soundproof and enables the interpreters to listen to the speaker with full concentration.
  6. Cables – Cables needed to connect transmitters, in interpreter consoles, etc.

EPIC Translations not only has the ability to provide this equipment for your conference, but we also have the ability to set it up and support it throughout your conference.

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