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Simultaneous Global Reach

Global Content Management System

Selling products globally requires a different approach/philosophy. For one, you have to think about global access to source content that is vital to product life-cycle. For example, if you’re selling products in 10 countries, you will need a solid implementation of a global content management system for sharing source content in order to enable translation vendors to translate the most up to date content.

Implementing a global content management system is a tricky undertaking that requires a company-wide process to share source content with the various stakeholders. This will also ensure that there is a mechanism in place to re-use the previously localized content.

According to a white paper written by Schwartz and Toon, “the ability to move more content to global markets ultimately results in increased customer satisfaction. Customers want access to relevant marketing, corporate and product information and feel frustrated when they can’t find critical information in their own language. Indirectly this undermines a company’s brand and can lead a customer straight to a competitor.”

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