Multilingual Staffing Solutions

EPIC Translations provides long-term and short-term Multilingual Staffing Solutions worldwide. We provide this service to the Automotive, Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, and Technology industries. 

We focus exclusively on experienced talent in over 180 languages and use our global recruiting infrastructure to effectively manage your multilingual staffing requirements.

We evaluate candidates to ensure they are professional, quality driven, and reliable. We also make sure that they are  team players who can integrate into your existing company culture. Our evaluation ensures the candidates have:

  • Ability to think on their feet and act quickly;
  • Ability to effectively collect and manage detailed information;
  • World class listening and analytical skills;
  • Adaptability and cultural sensibility;
  • And the ability to deal with new people, processes, and technology;

We commit to finding  qualified multilingual staff members who can become an integral part of  your project plans.

Wondering who we’ve helped before? Here’s a great case study on how we helped Belcan Engineering Services for GE.

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