EPIC Translations has been translating documents for the following industries since 2005. Our linguistic resources and project managers specialize in the following industries to serve you best:

  1. Industrial Manufacturing
  2. Automotive
  3. Technology
  4. Legal Services
  5. Education
  6. Life Sciences / Medical
  7. Defense
  8. Banking / Finance
  9. Chemicals / Scientific
  10. Gaming
  11. Travel / Hospitality


At EPIC Translations, we guarantee quality, timely, and production-ready translations. But, our translations aren’t just accurate—our global clients have learned to expect perfection.

Because of our commitment to precision, brands like Emerson, BrandSafway, and RotoMetrics trust EPIC Translations to help them sustain and increase their global market share. Whether you require translation for user manuals, engineering specs, product sheets, newsletters, website copy, or marketing brochures, EPIC Translations has the language expertise and cultural fluency to guarantee the highest quality services.

And, because we believe it’s our duty to guarantee our expert services at a reasonable price, we have honed an expedient, efficient approach to translating your material. We commit to reliable partnership with our clients—freeing up your time to focus on high-value work.