Frequently Asked Question

Still have questions about legal translations? Here are the answers to some of the questions our customers ask.

Are you able to interface with our systems and procedures?

Certainly. Our onboarding procedure and committed project managers make the localization process easy. On the technical side, we already deal with some of the most widely used technologies in the sector, such as Relativity. Every business and legal situation is different. Our legal technical and linguistical resources are prepared to create solutions specifically for you and your clients.

Do you utilize machine translation or AI tools for legal documents?

Yes, of course! Fast, secure translations are provided by 3rd party machine translation / AI tool, which is a great choice for speeding up text-intensive tasks like discovery. That makes things easier for our translators and gives them more time to focus on keeping subtleties in challenging source texts. A secure and accurate self-service machine translation / AI technology is being developed by EPIC Translations and should be ready soon.

What does legal translation entail?

Services that law firms and other organizations may require include a wide range of legal translation services. These translations might be mandated by local law according to a specific party, depending on the region. Sometimes official translations are required, and certified translations include assurances of correctness as well as remarks about the translator’s experience. Document production and e-discovery are further legal translation services.

How quickly can you turn things around?

We can meet your timeframe requirements since we can scale project resources as necessary. But, exactly how fast is that anyways? One client required the product specifications translated rapidly, and we turned around the 50,000 word project in just one day where we placed 12 to 15 translators on the project to work on different parts. Our legal translators are typically able to around-the-clock 24/4 for our clients.

How are modifications/revisions processed?

As the source text is updated, we can update the translations as necessary. Also, as needed, we can work together with our clients to edit and create new text.

What languages can EPIC Translations support?

We can support 150+ languages. In other words, we can support every significant commercial language spoken today. Our interpreters and translators primarily focus on the legal sector in their native tongues.