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Does your LSP adapt to YOU?

Real time adaptation

Real time adaptation

It’s difficult enough managing business operations in a single country let alone in multiple countries. Some of the challenges for multinational companies (MNCs) might include shortage of qualified human resources, unfriendly business environment, conflicting interests, corruption, language barriers, and labor cost to name a few. When all of these challenges are combined together, organizations can face a great deal of uncertainty. One area where MNCs can really benefit by having a reliable business partner is in the area of addressing language barriers. While some companies prefer to keep language services a strictly internal operation, most companies will use a hybrid approach where some of the language services are carried out internally and some are carried out externally with a reliable language services provider (LSP.) When using an external LSP it is vital that they adapt to your needs. Business operations are never static and the information/content being localized/translated might need to be changed to reflect the dynamics of your business operations.

For example, if the source text in the product manual your LSP is translating needs to be changed for any reason, your LSP should not only be able to accommodate this change, but the change should be reflected in the terminology database and the translation memory. Moreover, if you’ve decide to target the Canadian French market, your LSP should be able to minimize your translation costs by localizing the existing French translation for the Canadian French market instead of doing a completely new translation. In other words, your LSP should be operationally well invested into your business and your business goals.

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