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Document Translations for Medical Services and Software Localization

Document Translations for Medical Services and Software Localization

EPIC Translations, a leading provider of turnkey solutions for document translation services, understands the importance translation plays when it comes to medical services and software localization. While remarkably different spaces, both rely on quick and contextually accurate translation services to convey vital information to their customers. That is why companies in these sectors turn to EPIC Translations — with our global network of more than 20,000 experienced human translators, we deliver document translation, website localization, desktop publishing and software localization expertise for a variety of global brands and industries.

Document Translations for Medical Services and Software Localization In the medical services space, EPIC Translations helps ensure patients fully understand medical services, pharmacological instructions, child development issues and more. So when Cognoa, a company dedicated to healthy childhood development, wanted to help parents better understand how their children were progressing, they turned to EPIC Translations to ensure their questionnaires could be understood by their non-English-speaking patients.

Regarding the work done for Cognoa, EPIC’s founder and CEO, Mostansar Virk, expressed elation at the opportunity to help people of all backgrounds understand their health and the health of their children. “Knowing the role EPIC Translations plays in supporting medical services clients brightens my day,” says Virk. “Our medical translation services help clients like Cognoa empower their employees while supporting patients who need proper access to expert medical advice.”



Likewise, software localization allows companies to better the health of their business in an increasingly global market. Translating software interfaces and messages to new languages is no easy task — measures, dates and currency can by hyper-specific to local cultures — but they are necessary to reach a worldwide audience. EPIC Translations’ work with Socket Mobile, a leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions that enhance productivity in workforce mobilization, is a great example of the work they can do to communicate with a global customer base.

Document Translations for Medical Services and Software Localization Socket Mobile is located in Silicon Valley, but they have clients around the world who depend on them for accurate data capture and delivery solutions. To increase their business in China, they partnered with EPIC Translations for several translations services — most importantly to create localization for their software. “Our software localization services allow Socket Mobile to sell their data capture and deliver solutions to companies throughout China,” says Virk. “While user instructions and manuals are highly important, accurate localization of the underlying software strings enable them to confidently market and sell their products to Chinese businesses.”

Regardless of your industry, accurate translation services are absolutely vital if you want to reach customers who speak a different language. That’s why companies increasingly turn to EPIC Translations for professional document translations, website localization, software localization, and multilingual desktop publishing.. Our highly skilled and dependable roster of human translators allows us to help any business to better serve their target audience. Reach out to EPIC Translations today to see how we can help you improve the reach of your business.

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Website Language Select: BEST PRACTICE

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EPIC Translations, based in Michigan, provides document translation and website localization service and to mid-market multinational corporations across a range of industries including manufacturing/engineering, automation, finance and health-care.

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