5 LSP attributes to seek

5 Amazing LSP attributes to seek

When and if you’re looking for a Language Services Provider, there are 5 LSP attributes that you should look for in order to ensure that your localization/translation objectives are going to be successfully achieved. If the LSP you’re considering is not able to demonstrate these 5 attributes, you should keep your options open to speaking with other LSPs.

The 5 LSP attributes are:

  1. Turnaround time
  2. Quality assurance guarantee
  3. Use of a translation management system
  4. Cost
  5. Ability to access your own translation memory or glossary files

Turnaround time

When companies are localizing their content, they are almost always operating with tight deadlines and sometimes cost overruns. The ability of your LSP to provide a quick turnaround time regardless of the amount of content being localized is simply priceless. Imagine your company is going to be releasing a product in a foreign country next week. Not only do you need to have the content localized, but it needs to be printed and made available via several mediums: online, offline, mobile devices, etc. In this context, ability to provide localization services at YOUR speed is of vital importance.

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Quality assurance guarantee

Sure, everyone says that they’re committed to quality. But can they back up that claim with a written or signed guarantee? This might not seem like something important, but rest assured that if your localized/translated content is not driven by quality, you might be putting your company’s product launch in jeopardy. It is better for you to define your own quality expectations and then having a written agreement from the LSP that your quality expectations will be met.

Use of a translation management system

If you’re a occasional buyer of translation services, then this might not seem like a big deal. But if you will need translation services often then the LSP’s ability to automate your service requests based on a translation management system will make things somewhat less crazy for you. Imagine being able to automatically send translation service requests, or being able to see the status of your requests in real time via an online portal. Or better yet, having the ability to download your company’s specific glossary file or TM file for internal use. These are all technical capabilities that your preferred LSP should offer at no extra charge to you.


While receiving a discount on large requests is fine and dandy, but you should really set up a consistent cost structure with your LSP. This will ensure that your localization costs are kept under control and there are no surprises when you receive the invoice!

Ability to access your own translation memory or glossary files

This is important because it is in your best interest to make sure your LSP keeps your translation memory files recent and up to date. Having the ability to access your TM file at your convenience will allow you to not only monitor it but also give you the ability to use it internally independent of your LSP.

So there you have it. These might seem trivial to some, but they can be a lifesaver if you’re a regular buyer of translation services. Contact EPIC Translations today for a free no-obligation price quote for your localization needs.

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