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Translation: The Key to Global Patent Protection

Patent Translation: The Key to Global Patent Protection

The patent industry is becoming increasingly globalized and therefore, the need for a highly qualified patent translation company is greater now than ever before. The evolution of the internet and its widespread use across all countries makes protecting your novel invention that much more important.

World Intellectual Property Organization

The World Intellectual Property Organization, (WIPO) is a specialized organization of the United Nations, with the goal of promoting an international intellectual property system. By filing your patent internationally, you are protecting your investment, as well as promoting your prowess for innovation in your industry to the global marketplace.

Corporations, Inventors, and Intellectual Property Attorneys can all agree on one thing: Patents are expensive! Taking into account research development, the painstaking process of writing highly specific claims, and complying with filing requirements, costs can add up fast before you even consider the cost of translating the patent into several different languages. The cost of patents is inescapable, but the one thing you can control is protecting this significant investment as much as possible. This is where patent translation comes in.

The translation of patents, more than any other subject matter, requires industry experts that understand both the subject matter and the intricacies of patents themselves. Patent Translators must be highly educated and translate only into their native language. Specialization is the key to 100% accuracy for patent translation. EPIC Translations imposes the following requirements for our patent translators to ensure our high-quality standards:

  • Translate only into your native language
  • Previous patent translation experience
  • 4-year University Degree (preferably Engineering or related to the specific industry)
  • Practical Work Experience in the related Industry

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