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Translation process is not a black box!

Acquiring Translation Service

Almost 100% of the companies who are starting out acquiring translation service from a language service provider think that translation process is like a black box. You send the source files via e-mail. And then you receive the translation back after some time.

But did you know that there are lot of things that happen after you send the source files and before you receive the translation back? In order to take out some of the mysticism, EPIC Translations has implemented client access to keep up with translation/localization requests in real time.

For example, once you submit the translation request to EPIC Translations, you will have login access to our portal and you will be able to see the status of your request in real time. You will know if the request is in translation phase, edit phase, completed, delivered, or invoiced.

Acquiring translation service from best language services provider – EPIC Translations

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