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Latest Translation Software Around

I’ve just read in a NY Times article published in November that IBM is working hard on a new translation software – called n-Fluent – which sounds interesting. On IBM’s website you can find detailed info about it: the development process of the software apparently involved 400,000 people, that is, IBM staff worldwide, and n-Fluent should really be smarter and able to deal with idiomatic expressions etc. I just hope it is MUCH better than IBM’s Translation Manager, which probably is the worst-ever released translation software to date, according to my experience and to my colleagues as well.

In the meanwhile, I subscribed to receive “useful localization tips and funny bloopers” (so it says) from another company. I’ll let you know soon whether it is really useful&funny. This is the link.

What really seems to be interesting, though, is Clay Tablet, the collaborative translation tool, version 2.5: here’s some general news and the homepage. Clay Tablet connects to corporate databases as well as translation vendors, reaching an impressive 210 million translated sentences. Is anyone ever used it?