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legal translation service

Accurate Legal Translation Service

EPIC Translations provides high priority & reasonably priced legal translation services for some of the largest law firms for all legal matters and critical documents, such as:

  1. Business contracts
  2. Complicated litigations
  3. Evidence documents
  4. Financial statements
  5. Deposition records
  6. Technical patent confirmations
  7. Application letters
  8. Birth certificates
  9. Divorce decrees/settlements
  10. Power of Attorney documents
  11. And more…

Our project leaders and certified translators have expertise integrating into client procedures and technological frameworks. You will benefit from our relationship even more quickly because our 20,000+ translators for 150+ languages can accelerate your productivity so your translated content can be used quickly. We bring to the table the ability to process content faster with cutting-edge AI tools for your legal translation service needs. With trustworthy, excellent translations, EPIC Translations will reduce your multilingual workload, from the smallest revision to the highest discovery volumes.

Legal translation service

Our legal translators are accredited by some of the leading organizations, such as:

  • American Translators Association (ATA)
  • The United Nations
  • National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT)
  • American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA)
  • International Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies (IATIS)
  • International Federation of Translators (FIT)
  • New York Circle of Translators (NYCT)
  • The American Literary Translators Association (ALTA)
  • The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. (RID)
  • The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters
  • The International Medical Interpreter’s Association

Accurate Legal Translations

Whether you need just one document translated or thousands of documents, EPIC Translations and our ability to support 150+ languages with our 20,000+ translators is your best bet. Even the other translation companies rely on us for supporting their clients. Law firms such as Dykema Gossett PLLC and many more have chosen to partner with EPIC Translations because we don’t compromise on quality and we go above the call of duty to make sure you receive the best possible support for your legal translation needs.

Law firms, multinational brands, insurance companies, governmental agencies, educational institutions, and more partner with us for the following services:

  1. Legal Document Translation
  2. Legal Interpretation Services
  3. On-site Staffing for Legal Assistance
  4. Certified Legal Translation Services
  5. Court / Virtual Interpretations Interpretations
  6. American Sign Language (ASL)
  7. Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART)
  8. Audio Legal Transcriptions
  9. Video Captioning
  10. And more


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Whether you’ve got a simple legal agreement or hundreds of discovery documents, EPIC Translations is here to support your translation needs. Need a quote for legal translation service? Fill out this brief form below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Or, give us a call at (888) 214-2053.

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