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Fast turnaround ability

Fast Turnaround Ability With Language Service Provider

Not surprisingly, more and more companies are listing “fast turnaround ability” as the most important factor when working with language service providers. Fast turnaround ability is important for some very good business reasons. For one, the global economy runs on information. And two, companies that operate globally have to deal with different time zones. And more importantly, the global economy demands it.

The ability to not only provide translations quickly but doing it with quality and having the ability to handle your increased demand are also essential.

How to Measure Language Service Provider Abilities

How can you measure these abilities when looking for a new language services provider? The answer really lies in your gut feeling based on your initial interactions with the LSP. Were they quick to respond to you? Did the responses sound professional and quality driven? Does the LSP have case studies on their website? Does the LSP have the infrastructure needed to support your needs? Another approach is to have the LSP do a short sample to test their abilities.

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