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Contextually Accurate Translations

We are your global partner for document translation, website  localization, desktop publishing (DTP), and software localization requirements. Whether you are expanding into new markets or wanting to stay ahead of your competitors, EPIC Translations helps break through the language barrier to increase your global market share.

European languages, Asian languages, South American languages, and African languages

Our network of more than 20,000 linguists is truly an advantage for you: Our linguists understand the technical jargon of your field. We can manage different areas of expertise that no other company can match. We can successfully support your business operations in more than 180 languages to help you grow beyond your local markets.    

We provide language services for the following industries:

We know that what you’re really seeking is the ability to accurately translate your company and industry specific material. Rest assured EPIC Translations’ linguists have the expertise of your company and industry related terminology. EPIC Translations’ linguists are all vetted for:

  • Profound critical thinking skills
  • Effective organization skills to meet deadlines and complete assignments
  • Accurate communication skills to work well with multi-national corporations across personal and interpersonal  channels
  • Proven analytical skills to understand, interpret and translate information in a fast, reliable manner
  • Flexibility to adapt to your working environment

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