Who needs a Global Marketing Manager?

If your company is expanding to operate in multiple countries then you will, sooner or later, need a Global Marketing Manager. This role is very different than that of the local Marketing Manager.

Generally speaking, Global Marketing Manager should report to Chief Marketing Officer or the Chief Executive Officer. You might ask why do you need a Global Marketing Manager? The answer really lies in your company’s objectives as to why it’s expanding globally. It will be the responsibility of your Global Marketing Manager to enhance your company’s international market share and profits. To that end, a successful Global Marketing Manager should assist in developing products/services that meet the international demands along with providing valuable input on pricing strategies.

Another area where the Global Marketing Manager will be actively engaged in is localization of your content as your company begins to setup the new operations. In this regards, the localization of your content should be error free and be very considerate of your company’s culture, terminology preference, internal / external policies, and how the localized content will be perceived in the new market place.

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