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The gates to the Middle East are open to global businesses today. Opportunity abounds in trade, procurement, infrastructure and diverse other areas in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Economic growth at the epicenter of oil production and exports is outpacing that of the Western world. And, as Arabic-speaking economies diversify, non-oil industry activity is booming. As a result, international companies are turning to EPIC Translations for their need to translate English to Arabic for their documents and websites.

So why are many foreign businesses failing to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt and other fast-growing Middle Eastern markets? Low quality communications. English to Arabic translations are widely considered to be substandard. While many assume there are only 30 modern Arab dialects, the actual number is closer to 200. It’s just not possible to translate English to Arabic or Arabic to English without taking your specific target audience into consideration. To reach Arabic markets, you need to do more than traverse the major Arabic dialects. Your translated documents must connect with your target audience and a deep emotional level. Language use also varies across social class, ethnicity, religion and gender.

EPIC Translations is the language translation gateway to the Arab world for multinationals and small-to-medium global enterprises. Our more than 500 Arabic linguists translate English to Arabic for Middle Eastern oil and mineral giants, which require 24/7 language services. As the Middle East’s oil rich countries rapidly diversify, we are connecting companies to the Arab world as it expands into manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, education, retail services, and many other industries.



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Adapting your products and services through localization services is the best investment you can make for your business. Communications with oil companies in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Peninsula will not be understandable to Maghrebi Arabic speakers in Northern Africa. If you don’t carefully translate English to Arabic, your technical documents, engineering manuals, user instructions, legal contract, social media messages and posts could lock you out of this booming market. Simply put, Arab business professionals will consider sloppy translations insulting and will ignore your brand.

An Arab Spring uprising against bad Arab communications is sweeping social media. Your market entry could be disastrous if your marketing materials are used as an example of bad Arabic translation!

Let us help you! EPIC Translations specializes in English to Arabic translations for your intended market, while meeting the high-quality translation standards the Arab markets demand.

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The Arab Spring exposed the diverse political, business and social sensitivities across the Arab world.

These business and cultural nuances are well known to EPIC Translations’ translators. Our professional linguists know how to capture the hearts and minds of the people in the regions they represent.

They not only understand the fus’Ha (formal business language) but also the profound meanings captured in one word. In Arabic, we can reduce a long sentence to three words, yet have so much more meaning.

When our interpreters translate English to Arabic at a conference, meeting or event, they not only speak the right words but also know the body language to use so that they never offend your Arabic audience.

At EPIC Translations, we don’t just translate English to Arabic. We are also connect global brands to increasingly prosperous Arab populations. A core competitive advantage of local Arab brands is the ability to effectively communicate in native dialects. At EPIC Translations, English to Arabic translation is one of our core competencies. It can give you the edge you need. If you have superior products and services, EPIC Translations has the precise words to clearly communicate your message to your Arab market.

We are the leading English to Arabic voice of multinationals entering new and existing Middle Eastern markets. Once businesses break through the language and cultural barriers, they come back to us for all their communication needs in their new Arabic speaking markets. Repeat business is the highest commendation of the trust businesses place in EPIC Translations.


EPIC Translations has become a highly sought after service due to our accurate and high-quality translation reputation. Also, our diligent and robust work ethic is second to none.

Whether you need to translate your product catalog, engineering manuals or legal contracts, you will receive production-ready translation.

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