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China only brand?

China brand

Some businesses have enough capital and demand to create a brand that is specific to China. For example, GM created a China-only brand called Baojun with 2 local partners. GM’s reason for doing something so drastic? “Business reasons”, of course. China is the largest car market in the world and that should speak volumes. It is also worth noting that China does not have its own brand that can compete on a global level with the likes of GM, Toyota, Honda, Ford, and so forth.

But not all businesses are able to create China brand for obvious reasons. Even in GM’s case, it did not create the brand all on its own. Rather, it partnered with 2 local companies in order to spread the risk.

Most businesses will have to rely on creating a division to focus on China. This will allow the headquarters to have some control over the operation. In this case, the most important thing to keep in mind is the content you use to connect with the Chinese consumers.

In addition to having a solid content management system, you will have to ensure that your translation/localization operation is fully integrated into your content creation process. Otherwise, there is a great risk of spending lot of time and money on translations/localization and not really connecting with your target audience.

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