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Africa & Middle East business opportunities

Are you looking for new markets to export your products and services to? Did you know that Africa & Middle East countries are some of the fastest growing economies, according to McKinsey Global Institute?

Below are top ten tips that will help you to increase your market share not only in Africa & Middle East but in other parts of the world as well:

  1. Target urban growth clusters
  2. Anticipate moments of explosive growth
  3. Devise segmentation strategies for local relevance and global scale
  4. Radically redeploy resources for the long-term
  5. Innovate to deliver value across the price spectrum
  6. Build brands that resonate and inspire trust
  7. Control the route to market
  8. Organize today for the markets of tomorrow
  9. Turbocharge the drive for emerging-market talent
  10. Lock in the support of key stakeholders

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