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Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But Words Will Surely Offend You.

With over 10 different dialects spoken around the world, Spanish alone can have varying degrees of interpretations. With so many interpretations, words can offend audiences if used incorrectly. As a professional, you want to be mindful of how words can offend and create awkward interpretations for your target audience.

Professional Interpreting Services

Can a Computer Program Not Tell the Difference?

Most individuals remain unaware of the ineptitudes of translation programs. Interpretation programs do not account for incompatibilities between words.

Our translation and interpreting services serve as bridges between cultural barriers by eliminating incompatibilities among words and sentences. With EPIC Translations you can successfully engage your target audience!

Types of Interpretation Services

Different situations require different interpretation services. Large meetings with multilingual audience members require more than just one interpreter for multiple language pairs. Whereas a small meeting might require just one interpreter for a single language pair. We provide several options to meet your demands.

Consecutive Interpretations:

Ideal for small meetings, interviews, or trial dispositions, we offer consecutive interpretation services to organizations requiring the assistance of a linguistic expert in one particular language pair.

Simultaneous Interpretations:

Multinational governmental assemblies, multilingual conferences, and large international meetings often require simultaneous interpretations for multiple language pairs. To better serve multilingual assemblies and conferences, EPIC Translations offers experienced interpreters, necessary audio/video equipment, and technical support to enable accurate interpretations for large conferences.

OPI Services:

OPI interpretations enable meetings and interviews to occur without face-to-face interaction. Over The Phone (OPI) interpretations provide a convenient, affordable means of receiving interpretation services without the need to be physically present.

EPIC Translations always strives to improve your bottom line. With affordable, digital services, and OPI interpretations, combined with our custom-built software and technology, we make it easy and affordable to communicate.

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