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EPIC Translations has recently released a new video sharing how their services can make a difference for businesses. In the video, a fisherman struggles with his fishing net, looking for the next big catch. Reaching out to new audiences is a bit like catching a new kind of fish. A fisherman would need to learn where the fish are and what he can use to get them into his net. Identifying the market and what it needs is often the very first step.

Our fisherman continues to struggle. He’s done his research; he knows he’s in the right waters for the fish he wants to catch. However, his net gets tangled. He continues to make an effort to get the fish into his net, throwing it out in different ways and it just continues to get more wound up. He finally tosses the net away in frustration. Frustration can be a common theme when reaching out to international markets in an effort to expand businesses. It can be a challenge to go at it alone, like the fisherman, it is possible to get tangled in the “nets” and not catch a single thing.

Instead of continuing to struggle, the fisherman steps back and realizes he needs different tools. The net alone is not enough. He needs to speak to the fish and he finds a way. With the new tool in hand, he has hope for success.

Watch the video below

Often, it’s easy to think that a website that can be translated through a software service will be enough to reach international markets. Just like how the net wasn’t enough for the fisherman, neither is relying on software to communicate. Additional tools are often needed, and a document translation service like EPIC Translations can provide the right expertise to reach international markets and increase global market share.

Unlike fish, clients can speak to companies and language does not have to be a barrier. It is possible to get the tools needed to help communicate with clients and discover what they need. Understanding cultural and language norms doesn’t have to be a challenge when working with EPIC Translations. By localizing websites and other promotional materials into the target language, including industry-specific jargon, it is possible to expand into international markets and reaching new audiences. Just like the fish needed a little extra effort, taking communication to the next level can bring in more.

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No matter how good a net is, it can still get tangled without taking the right steps. Check out the video here and learn more about what EPIC Translations can do for you as you look for new markets.

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