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Your translation assets

What should you do with your translation assets such as translation memory (TM) and terminology files?

Use them to strategically:

  • lower your cost of doing localization
  • lower the time spent on localization efforts
  • consistency throughout your content
  • increase time to market
  • When you decide to hire a language services provider (LSP), be sure to negotiate the creation of a translation memory for your projects. Creating terminology files, on the other hand, is something that you should create on your end before you hire an LSP.

    Your LSP should provide you with updated TM files after every project. While it is a little bit of an extra effort to maintain the TM files outside of using a CMS (Content Management System) or GCMS (Global Content Management System), it will go long ways in not just reducing your localization costs, but also in reducing the time spent on localizing your content, ensuring consistency throughout your localized content, and increasing your company’s time to market!

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