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Why can’t I just have my employees do my translation?

We are often asked this question, “why can’t I just have my employees do my translation?”

The fact is that you can. But do it at your own risk!

Would you get one of your employees from Accounting team to do your manufacturing? Or your creative Marketing plan? Or your strategic Business plan? Or have your receptionist go to your customer’s office and troubleshoot your machinery?

Most companies looking to expand their business in other countries tell us a resounding NO to these questions.


Because your Accountant might speak the target language, but he/she is not familiar with the marketplace dynamics of the target country. This is similar to the notion that while your Accountant might know that you manufacture a specific type of machinery, but he/she would not be qualified enough to go to your client’s office and start troubleshooting the machinery because he/she lacks the detailed expertise needed to effectively fix the problem at hand.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not have your internal employee do your translations.

It is better to invest in a professional translation services company and do it right with the understanding that the translation will not just be accurate and quality driven, but it will also take into account the many intricacies of the local marketplace where you’re trying to expand.


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